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Pyze Xamarin App SDK - Events

See a detailed Events Overview at api & events.

Curated Event Handling

Pyze has made it easy for you to capture events. We support many built-in events (see api).

For example, to send a custom "postAdRequested event" use:

using pyze.xamarin.android.PyzeEvents;
var customAttributes = new Dictionary();

customAttributes.Add("device", "Samsung Galaxy S6");
customAttributes.Add("power user index", "7.5");
customAttributes.Add("interests", "traveling");

PyzeAd.PostAdRequested("Google", "home", "(320, 160)", "banner", customAttributes);

Custom Event Handling

We also support custom events in addition to built in events. See custom events class api for Xamarin.

For example, to send a Pyze Custom Event without attributes, use:

using pyze.xamarin.android.PyzeEvents;
  PyzeCustomEvent.PostCustomEvent("Blog Read");

For example, to send a custom event with attributes, use:

using pyze.xamarin.android.PyzeEvents;
var  attributes = new Dictionary();
attributes.Add("screen", "Home");
attributes.Add("seconds spent", "50");

PyzeCustomEvent.PostCustomEventsWithAttributes("Blog Read", attributes);

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