Pyze Team and Advisors

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Meet the board

Prabhjot Singh

President + Co-Founder


Prabhjot Singh, has over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, executive management, & operations. He most recently co-founded Pixatel Systems, a social enterprise that utilizes mobile computing to deploy apps and e-Learning solutions to over 5 million users.

Previously, he was VP Marketing at CA Technologies for the Application Performance Management (APM) business, where he was responsible for all marketing functions and helped execute the go-to-market strategy that grew the APM business over 300% in 4 years. Before CA, he was an early employee at Wily Technology and served in a number of key customer facing and marketing roles. Wily was acquired by CA Technologies in 2006. Prior to Wily, Prabhjot held management and engineering positions at Citigroup and Indus River Networks. Prabhjot holds a Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering from Boston University.

Prabhjot is an active participant in community and philanthropic affairs. He was the Founding Chairman of the Sikh Coalition, the nation’s largest Sikh Civil Rights organization. Prabhjot is also a founder of Saanjh, a non-profit that runs leadership programs for children and young adults. He currently volunteers on the Boards of the Sikh Coalition, Saanjh, and the MBSK Family Foundation.

Scott Ritchie

Head of Business Development


Scott leads business development at Pyze. He’s passionate about start-ups + mobile having co-founded two mobile companies and leading those companies to tens of millions of users, hundreds of customers & partners on three continents and over eight Perceptual Science patents. He also has the distinction of building and scaling two of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history. Scott received his BA from The University of Texas, Austin.

When not working, Scott enjoys training for triathlons, tasting chili peppers and hot sauces with the highest Scoville units on the planet, and hanging with his golden retriever (Sand).

Mohan Pandiyan

Chief Architect


Mohan Pandiyan is the chief architect of the Pyze Platform and has over a decade of experience in designing and building Big Data platforms. He has responsibility for the company's technology vision and direction.

Prior to Pyze, Mohan worked at Walgreens on a key the platform to centralize and streamline ℞ processing across all company locations. Before Walgreens, Mohan worked at Delta Airlines on transforming into a robust e-commerce site that offers personalized services and products to each customer. Prior to Delta, Mohan worked at Examville, where designed and implemented the company's core content recommendation engine. Mohan began his career at Infosys by working on a highly visible Enterprise project to build a ridesharing application for over 100,000 employees.

In his free time, Mohan enjoys programming challenges and is an avid mountain climber, always looking for the next mountain to summit. He has a Masters in Computer Science from New York University with a focus on distributed algorithms and heuristic problem solving.

Muntek Singh

Director Cloud Operations


Muntek Singh is the Director of Cloud Operations and Security at Pyze. He has responsibility for the global Pyze infrastructure and 100% uptime. Prior to Pyze, Muntek was Program Manager for Endurance International Group, where he managed key infrastructure and management projects across various Endurance Brands. Prior to Endurance, Muntek worked at, where he served in a number of strategic roles to provide vision, direction, and strategic planning to over 300 staff members managing 18,000 servers. Muntek is passionate about Linux systems, cloud scalability, automation, and systems monitoring.

Muntek spends his time automating his entire life and doing philanthropic work when not spoiling his wife and daughter.

Nick Wrenn

Frontend Engineer


Nick Wrenn is a frontend web developer with experience in web, mobile, and game development. He enjoys programming with JavaScript and Unity3D/C#.

Nick is the creator of the open source project to import a Sprite Atlas for Html5 game animation. He has also created multiple mobile and web games.

Nick is an avid gamer and collects mechanical keyboards. He owns fourteen(and counting) mechanical keyboards. If needed, he will 1v1 you on Final Destination, no items.

Manpreet Singh

Director of Marketing

Manpreet Sarkaria is the Director of Marketing at Pyze. He has a 10 year track record of creating world-class, data-driven business and marketing strategies that reflect a unique customer experience, improve product performance and accelerate growth. He leads customer growth for the Pyze platform and works closely with app marketing, development, and analytics teams to implement personalization and automation strategies.

Before joining Pyze, Manpreet was Director of Growth Marketing for Pixatel, where he built and optimized growth campaigns for some of Pixatel's market leading mobile applications

Shilpa Murali

Software Engineer


Shilpa is backend developer and works on the Pyze agent technology for Kiosks, native and web apps. She has a Computer Engineering Masters from San Jose State University and specialized in computer networks and software development.

Her hobbies include reading fiction novels and traveling. She particularly enjoys singing Carnatic classical music.

Adrian Fritsch

Sr. Software Engineer


Adrian is a Senior Software Engineer at Pyze. He has a BS in Computer Science from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His background and interests include math, functional programming, data science, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and algorithms. He has a patent on Content Classification of Internet Traffic using unbalanced training data.

He likes spending his free time with his kids, kitesurfing, snowboarding, playing tennis and climbing high peaks in the middle of nowhere.

Eli Kirmayer

Software Engineer


Eli is an intern and works at the intersection of marketing and development.

Allison Marino

Frontend Engineer


Allison Marino is a front-end developer specializing in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap and jQuery and other web technologies.

She is a Bay Area native and recently graduated from General Assembly's full-time web development course to further her skills.

Melissa Cheng

Content & Media Manager


Melissa Cheng manages content and media. She produces and edits video content, and is comfortable both in front of the camera and behind. She enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, family and her boyfriend, dancing, and playing volleyball.

She also coaches volleyball at Cañada College.

Ram Naragund

iOS, watchOS & tvOS Engineer


Ram Naragund is an iOS engineer and has worked on numerous iOS apps and developer tools.

He is working on the artifical intelligence iOS agent (Pyze Smart App Agent), watchOS agent and the beta tvOS agent.

Jess Joseph Lobo

Unity and C# developer


Jess is an Unity and C# developer working on the Pyze Smart App Agent for Unity. His experience includes development in C, C++, C#, Java and Javascript. He is also experienced in 2D and 3D cross platform game development using Unity3d. He has also worked on a number of algorithms including procedural path generation, match-3 and others for Unity games. He has also developed plugins for Unity, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Pyze Advisors

A world class advisory team with experience from Zynga, Google, Appirio, WebMethods, Tango, New Relic, SAP, Zoomdata, WebRoot, MIT, Uber Media, McAfee, Intel, Hacker Dojo and iBeam.

Michael Malloy

EVP Products + Strategy, WebRoot

Michael Malloy is Executive VP of Products and Strategy at WebRoot, where he is responsible for providing strategic and tactical direction to company's product and business organizations.

Before joining Webroot, Malloy was vice president of marketing and sales for New Relic, where he was responsible for a tenfold increase in the company's customer base in a two-year period.

Malloy previously held executive management roles for several leading companies including Wily Technology (now part of CA), where as chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product development he launched 35 new products and six major revisions of the company's flagship product.

Malloy received a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Louis University.

He serves as an advisor for Pyze.

Richard Rabbat

CEO GfyCat, Ex-VP, Zynga, Google

Richard Rabbat is CEO GfyCat. He was previously VP of Platform and Advertising at Tango, where he is in charge of the client SDK, which allows game developers to use Tango’s messaging platform to drive engagement and virality. He is in charge of building innovative social and messaging channels and has helped launch 10 partner games on both Android and iOS to-date.

Prior to Tango, Richard was General Manager at Zynga, where he helped build the SDKs for all games and the 1st party platform (project Darwin). While at Zynga, Richard helped improve monetization of CityVille by 17%, a game that garnered 15 M DAU on the Facebook canvas.

Prior to Zynga, Richard was a Product Manager at Google, and drove a company-wide initiative "Make the Web Faster", across all search and ad properties.

Richard holds a PhD and an S.M. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a B.E. and M.E. from the American University of Beirut.

He holds 8 patents and serves as an advisor for Pyze.

Narinder Singh

Co-Founder, Appirio

Narinder Singh As the President of the topcoder community, and Chief Strategy Officer at Appirio, Narinder Singh is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy, technology and crowdsourcing initiatives. A co-founder of Appirio, Narinder brings more than 15 years of software and business experience and plays a key role in keeping Appirio at the forefront of cloud, social and mobile technology.

Prior to Appirio, Narinder worked at SAP in the Office of the CEO as a part of the Corporate Strategy Group. Working with the management board and other executives, Narinder led initiatives on sales, maintenance and competitive strategies, as well as potential business and technology disruptions.

Prior to SAP, Narinder managed R&D, sales and marketing activity as vice president and general manager of webMethods (WEBM) workflow business unit. He also previously led R&D for the company’s BPM, workflow, B2B and industry products. Narinder began his career with Accenture at its Center for Strategic Technology.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Wharton School. Narinder also has worked with several non–profits on their development and supports a number of causes including the Miracle Foundation and Architecture for Humanity.

He serves as an advisor for Pyze.

Dr. Ratinder Ahuja

CEO ShieldX Networks, Ex-CTO Intel Security (McAfee)

Dr. Ahuja is on the advisory board of Pyze.

He is CEO of ShieldX Networks is a venture-backed stealth start-up located in the bay area. Previously, He served as CTO & VP for the Network & Mobile Business Unit at McAfee/Intel. Dr. Ahuja was founder and CTO for Reconnex Corp. a leading Data Loss Prevention vendor that was acquired by McAfee in Aug 08. Prior to founding Reconnex, Dr. Ahuja founded and developed several successful companies that were acquired by technology market leaders. In March 2001, Extreme Networks acquired Webstacks, Inc., which he founded and managed as President & CEO. In 1995, Dr. Ahuja took another of his companies, Internet Junction, at which he developed a unique protocol translation product, to acquisition by Cisco Systems.

Dr. Ahuja is also a TaeKwonDo Master, holding a 5th Degree Black Belt and is an avid practitioner of QiGong and weight training.

Dr. Ahuja holds over 30 issued patents from the USPTO.

Dr. Mike Bowles

Machine Learning, Hacker Dojo

Dr. Mike Bowles is a Co-founder of Biomatica, which seeks to improve drug discovery economics by lowering the cost of determining compound toxicity, using machine learning and Chief Data Scientist at SpAlgo, which uses machine learning for high frequency trading. He teaches Machine Learning at Hacker Dojo.

Dr. Bowles was Founder and Chairman of iBeam which went public at a $3 billion market capitalization.

Dr. Bowles is on the advisory board of Pyze.

Chris McGill

SVP Crowdstar, Founder + CEO, NetBD

Chris is on the advisory board of Pyze. He is SVP of business development at Crowdstar and also serves as an advisor on a number of startups including Pyze.