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Pyze React Native App SDK

Getting Started with React Native

If you are new to react Native, see Getting Started with React Native App. Install React Native and create an iOS and/or Android app.

Installing Pyze React Native SDK

  1. Download Pyze React Native SDK. Download the pyze-sdk-react-native using npm.

    If you do not have npm, install node.js and update to latest npm

    Run the following command from the project folder to download or update to the latest version of Pyze

    cd your/project/folder
    npm install --save pyze-sdk-react-native
  2. Link your project with the Pyze React Native Package. Run the following command:

    react-native link pyze-sdk-react-native
  3. If you see any errors while executing 'react-native link pyze-sdk-react-native' command, then rerun 'npm install' inside the project directory and run the 'react-native link pyze-sdk-react-native'.

Now you are ready to Setup and Initialize for iOS and Android

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About Pyze

Pyze Growth Intelligence® is a transformative SaaS platform that enables mobile and web app businesses to automate engagement, retention and growth of their users. Signup at Pyze, install and initialize the Pyze SDK and watch your app grow.