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Develop personalized relationships with users throughout their lifetime with your app, driven by behavioral intelligence, milestones and key user actions.

Pyze empowers app publishers with a very powerful, intelligence-driven and automated way to onboard users who run the app the very first time, activating them and converting them into returning users, engaging and retaining active users, identifying and monetizing under-monetized users, reengaging attrition-risk users, and resurrecting churned users.

Pyze Growth Automation showing onboard, activate, engage, retain and resurrect tabs

Intelligence bots

Growth Automation is achieved by a series of Intelligence Bots that work on intelligence and insights collected by smart app agents and categorized, processed and aggregated on Pyze Servers. App specific and custom data is also available to intelligence bots.


personalized onboarding

The goals of providing dynamic onboarding experience to first-launch users are simple, show them an experience so they become repeat users. App Publishers can welcome and thank the user, introduce the benefits and key functionality of the app, and show them how to get started, all with personalized experiences and messaging based on user's traits.

Pyze Onboarding bot allows app publishers to customize the onboarding experience with key messaging to convert first time users into repeat users of app.


An activated user is more likely to be engaged, retained and monetized. Pyze allows app publishers to take an action as soon as a user activates. Users are reached out on an individualized schedule where they are most likely to respond based on a number of inputs.

Pyze activation bot includes a couple of dozen built-in activation criteria that app publishers can associate actions to personalize activation per user. App publishers are also free to create custom activation criteria. (See screenshot below)


Pyze customers can create numerous engagement strategies based on various criteria using a drag and drop interface.

Pyze engagement bot makes every funnel or event sequence actionable. For instance, app publishers can define granular actions when a user installs an integration in a messaging app and then uses the installed integration in a 5 day period.


Pyze allows app publisher customers can on autopilot reach out to users who are at risk of attrition and reengage them. Using the retain bot, App publishers can define actions and reach out to users at the time the users are most likely to respond positively.


App publishers can automatically attempt to convert churned users into re-activated users automatically using the resurrection bot.

Screenshot of Activate

pyze growth automation activation

About Pyze & Growth Automation®

Pyze® has built a transformative Growth Intelligence® SaaS platform that enables mobile app publishers to develop and monetize loyal users.

Growth Automation® - Apps can have anywhere between 10s of thousand users to 10s of million users. Personalizing growth using automation allows app publishers to grow their apps on autopilot.

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