Pyze Contextual & Mobile Marketing

Communicate when users will be most receptive

The right experience at the right time. Everytime.

Pyze contextual marketing, delivers the right time experience everytime

Right time experience for every user

Pyze Contextual Mobile Marketing enables publishers to create meaningful touchpoints with users via push notifications and in-app messaging based on context, data, location, local time, behavior, latency and reachability indicating when they are most receptive to them.

Advanced mobile marketing helps publishers create meaningful relationships with their users at an individual level. Pyze knows the best time to reach every user during a week, weekend days, week days and individual days of the week.

Contextual mobile marketing is deeply integrated into the product and can be triggered from manually from events sequences and intelligence explorer, or automatically from growth automation.

Best time to reach

About Pyze & Growth Automation®

Pyze® has built a transformative Growth Intelligence® SaaS platform that enables mobile app publishers to develop and monetize loyal users.

Growth Automation® - Apps can have anywhere between 10s of thousand users to 10s of million users. Personalizing growth using automation allows app publishers to grow their apps on autopilot.

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