Behavioral Analytics

Intelligence. At a glance.

Complexity simplified

Making sense of volumes of data can be overwhelming, time-consuming and susceptible to misinterpretation. Pyze provides visualizations and data explorers that deliver insights at a glance. Pyze Growth Automation showing onboard, activate, engage, retain and resurrect tabs

Pyze delivers insights and information visually by selecting the right visualization for every data set. Visualizations include stream area charts, choropleths, tree maps, heat maps, spider charts and several other custom visualizations.

The design, color coding and simplification of complex data is based on cognitive visualization principles adapted for app publishers.

Instant Insights

Key business indicators, real-time activity, cohorts, churn, attrition-risk, deep screen and event funnel analysis, resurrection status are available to app publishers at a glance. Below are a few of the categories of visual intelligence provided by Pyze.

App Personalization

When will a specific user be most receptive to an invitation to purchase an In-App purchase?

When is the best time to reach each user with news of a new feature?

Will an in-app message or push notification be more effective with each user?

Usage Insights

Which users are at attrition-risk?

Which users was I able to resurrect?

Which mean should I use for statistical projections? Arithmetic mean, winsorized mean, or tri mean?

Multi-Dimensional Comparisons

How did my app do in terms of DAU or Revenue in January vs March?

How does my apps' 7-Day Stickiness Factor compare with 30-Day?

Should I focus on improving my app for iPad Pro or iPhone SE?

If I have a limited budget which cohort should I focus on improving my app for - people who access my app over the Edge network or use Phablets?

Campaign Planning

What is the best time to do an Install Campaign?

When is the best time to run an Engagement Campaign?

How is the campaign I started seconds ago working in Sydney Australia?

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