Pyze Growth Marketing Automation®

Pyze is a Growth Marketing Automation platform for mobile & web apps. It helps brands succeed by engaging, influencing and growing users.

Pyze delivers Usage & Behavioral Analytics, Automated Segmentation, Contextual & Mobile Marketing, Growth Marketing Automation, and Personalization Intelligence.

Growth Intelligence® for mobile and web apps

Growth hackers need growth intelligence

Usage and Behavioral Analytics

Visual Intelligence

Making sense of volumes of data can be overwhelming, time-consuming and susceptible to misinterpretation. Pyze provides visualizations and data explorers that deliver insights at a glance.

Key business indicators, real-time activity, cohorts, churn, attrition-risk, deep screen and event funnel analysis, resurrection status are available to app publishers at a glance. The design, color coding, and simplification of complex data is based on cognitive visualization principles adapted for app publishers. Read more...

Explore Millions of users in real-time across

Explore the entire user base without segmentation

Automated Segmentation

Intelligence Explorer

Marketers and app publishers can explore the entire app's user base across key behavioral attributes like engagement, loyalty, revenue, attrition-risk, cohorts, recency, and numerous more... in seconds.

App publishers can instantly reach out to a precise set of app users without defining manual segments.

Read more about this key feature of Pyze...

Grow your app on autopilot

Put your app's growth on autopilot!

Intelligence-driven Growth Automation®

With Intelligence-driven Growth Automation™ create automated interaction points to onboard new users, engage active users, resurrect users in attrition, using Pyze behavioral intelligence, usage milestones and user actions. Read more...

Contextual Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing - Communicate with users when they are most receptive

Contextual Marketing - Right experience at the right time

Enables publishers to create meaningful touchpoints with users via push notifications and in-app messaging based on data, location, behavior, and reachability indicating when they are most receptive to them. Intelligent algorithms automatically learn the best moments to communicate to users.

Contextual mobile marketing is deeply integrated into the product and can be triggered from manually from events sequences and intelligence explorer, or automatically from growth automation. Read more...

App defined dimensions

App-defined Dimensions

Convert in-app behaviors into explorable dimensions

App-defined Dimensions allow mobile or web app businesses convert any behavior or categorization within an app, into an explorable dimension. For example, an app-defined dimension could be based on "Ticket holder Type" category for a sports team app to differentiate between season-ticket holders and discount-ticket buyers, or "Responsiveness to Political Alerts" for a news app to customize experience for users who are highly responsive to political alerts vs those who are not. Read more...

Personalization Intelligence™

Personalization Intelligence™

Personalize experience and content

Personalization Intelligence™ enables mobile and web app businesses to deliver unique content and experiences to each user based on their behavior, usage, preferences and social graph. Publishers can utilize Pyze Intelligence to define different groups of users utilizing a number of behavioral attributes and create custom experiences for each group. For example, apps can now offer individualized experiences to user groups such as Novice, Expert, Dormant, High Value, Whales, or a custom group defined by the app publisher. Read more...

Explore Millions of users in real-time across

Smart App Agent & Curated Events

Pyze iOS and Android agents use artificial intelligence to adapt to environment, and develop user behavior maps directly on the device to intelligently minimize device resource consumption, and eliminate the need for PII data collection.

For instance, it is impossible for app publishers to derive insights from almost 30,000 distinct android devices and 1,500 device manufacturers (projecting last year's Android Fragmentation numbers). Pyze algorithmically curates product manufacturers and device types using machine learning and artificial intelligence, based on number of attributes like chipset, number of wireless radios, device introduction age, carrier and device capabilities, and geographical availability.

Pyze also curates events by vertical to simplify app development drastically. iOS and Android

Growth Intelligence Enterprie Edition

Enterprise Edition

More Power to Brands

Pyze Enterprise Edition offers state of the art aggregations, analysis, intelligence and campaign management purpose built for brands and businesses, that either manage a large number of users, or a large number of apps, websites and data sources.