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iOS, tvOS & watchOS Getting Started

Learn more about installing the Pyze iOS Smart SDK, initializing it, using events and setting up In-app or push notifications.

1. Get a Pyze App Key

See instructions to get a Pyze App Key for your new app

2. Install the Pyze SDK

Install the Pyze SDK automatically using Cocoapods (recommended) OR manually using the Pyze Framework

3. Initialize

Getting Started

Add one line of initialization code to your app (Objective-C or Swift)

Build and Go!

You have enabled all screen flow funnels, loyalty, cohort and churn analysis, Intelligence data explorations, built-in events, auto segmentation, and much more. Use your app with the Pyze SDK and you should see data on growth.pyze.com. Note: iOS versions supported are 7.x (via Framework only), 8.x, 9.x and 10.x.

In the following sections, you can add app-defined-, timed- and curated- events. To reach out to your users and create meaningful relationships, add push and in-app notifications.

Getting Started Events, Push, in-app

4. Add events

Add Events to your app. A comprehensive overview of curated, app defined, timed and built-in events is available under Events in the api & events.

5. Build meaningful relationships with your users with personalized messages, content and experiences

Pyze delivers intelligence-driven marketing and growth automation, so you can build meaningful relationships with your users.

See blog for integrating tvOS Pyze SDK, sending events and Engaging tvOS users with push notifications and In-App Messages

See blog about Integrating watchOS Pyze SDK in your native watchOS app

App SDK API, Samples, Resources for iOS developers

Pyze iOS, tvOS & watchOS Developer Center has links to Pyze Documentation and api, along with mobile developer resources, we maintain. Check back frequently for updates and contact us at condon't spamtact@pyze.com if we can improve this page in anyway or if you have suggestions.

About Pyze

Pyze Growth Intelligence® is a transformative SaaS platform that enables mobile and web app businesses to automate engagement, retention and growth of their users. Signup at Pyze, install and initialize the Pyze SDK and watch your app grow.