Pyze Growth Intelligence vs. Analytics

Key differentiators between Pyze and basic Analytics: Automated segmentation, engagement and personalization

Pyze Product is Analytics plus visual intelligence, behavioral intelligence, intelligence explorer, contextual marketing, mobile marketing, Growth Automation and Personalization Intelligence

Pyze is much more than analytics. In addition to Usage and Behavioral Analytics, Pyze offers Automated Segmentation, Contextual & Mobile Marketing, Growth Automation®, and Personalization Intelligence™.

  1. Visualizations offered by Pyze are extremely easy to understand and are designed to provide insights at a glance.

  2. Intelligence Explorer provides pre-segmentations of user attributes that can be utilized to create fine grain targeting of users. Automating Segmentation saves time for product managers and data scientists. Data explorations and analysis that took weeks can be completed in a minute.

  3. Pyze offers contextual and mobile marketing based on our visual intelligence so that you can develop meaningful relationships with users at the times when they will be most receptive. Pyze automatically knows the best time to reach each user of your app.

  4. Growth Automation allows the ability to define work flow based campaigns that trigger based on behavior and context.

  5. Personalization tags provide the ability to personalize content, engagement and experience based on behavior.

There are a number of other differentiators that set Pyze apart from basic analytics:

  1. Pyze delivers insights via real-time explorations and intuitive high quality graphical interfaces. The analysis Pyze offers is actionable both for running campaigns and personalizing the user experience based on pre-defined workflows and rules.

  2. Pyze collects, and acts on data is real time, whereas other Analytics can have an hour or more delay. This is critical for automated actions for growth automation.

  3. Minimal instrumentation required to get started. Pyze can start collecting valuable data with just one line of code (E.g. Swift, Android) or with simple configuration (E.g. Unity).

  4. Customer data is not used to optimize an ad network (Pyze does not have one!)

  5. Less application overhead. Our smart agent is very intelligent in terms of the data it collects and as a result we utilize less resources like memory, CPU and bandwidth.

  6. Pyze has the most comprehensive event tracking model in the industry via our custom events, curated events, timed events and pre-enabled events generated automatically on Pyze servers.

  7. Pyze does not require you to build event funnels in advance. They can be created dynamically and used to deliver push, in-app, or SMS/MMS based campaigns to matching users.

  8. Pyze provides out-of-the-box support for activations, loyalty and attrition. Product Managers consider activation an important growth metric when compared to vanity metrics like installs and active user counts.

  9. App-defined Dimensions allow mobile or web app businesses convert any behavior or categorization within an app (i.e. any event attribute), into an explorable dimension.

  10. Pyze is available for leading platforms including iOS, Android, Unity, Web/SaaS & CMS, Xamarin, iMessage Apps, tvOS, watchOS and various platforms and content management systems, including wordpress, squarespace, Wix, tumblr, AngularJS and React.

  11. Unlike basic Analytics, Pyze offers 24/7 support both for Pyze related issues or assistance in using the platform.

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Please see the Pyze blog and do not hesitate to contact us! We'd love to hear from you: Pyze support. Pyze Product is Analytics plus visual intelligence, behavioral intelligence, intelligence explorer, contextual marketing, mobile marketing, Growth Automation and Personalization Intelligence

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