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How does Pyze work?

  1. Developers add Pyze to their Mobile and/or Web apps, OR send data via APIs
  2. Pyze collects and processes data from apps, sites and backends
  3. Pyze makes sophisticated intelligence available at the fingertips of App & Site Owners, Product Managers & Marketers, and Data Scientists & Analysts, enabling them to drive engagement, retention, conversion and growth of users by: analyzing usage and behavior, automating segmentation, contextually marketing to users, automating growth marketing and providing intelligence to personalize content, feed, experiences, user interfaces, and communications.

About Pyze

Pyze Growth Intelligence® is a transformative SaaS platform that enables mobile and web app businesses to automate engagement, retention and growth of their users. Signup at Pyze, install and initialize the Pyze SDK and watch your app grow.