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This article is part of a recent AMA hosted at Sean Ellis’, with Prabhjot Singh, cofounder + President at

Pyze Ask me Anything on Growth Hackers

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By Prabhjot Singh on Growth Hackers, President Pyze

We are fans of Sean Ellis and wrote about why Growth Hackers need Growth Intelligence earlier.

The AMA has been covered in 8 blog posts below.

  1. What philosophies give apps a higher propensity for success?

    Question: I have been fascinated by the addicting quality of some gaming apps, Pokemon Go specifically. Many people have cited psychological theories such as Nir Eyal’s "Hooked". Can you share any other theories on what get’s users ‘hooked’, causing traction and scaling? Are there any other philosophies you build into your apps to give it a higher propensity for success?

  2. Merchandizing apps and user acquisition

    Question: Do you have any advice when it comes to merchandizing apps? Have you seen any trends in what works and what doesn’t in terms of getting users to download and use the app? How much attention is paid to the acquisition of users during the development of the app itself?

    Why do you think they’ve been so successful? What are they doing that others are not (or aren’t doing as well)?

  3. Scaling Pyze and Competition

    Question: Can you talk about some of the challenges of scaling Pyze and how you overcame said issues?

    Question: How do you look at competition, specifically when you’re going up against bigger, and better-funded competitors? How does that affect your strategic plan, if it does at all? What is your mindset when you go to compete against the 800-pound gorillas of the business intelligence space?

    Question: How do you look at hiring? Can you talk about some of the mistakes you’ve made hiring (and also seen others make)? What have you learned about hiring A+ talents?

    Question: This is clearly a challenge in the early days/being pre-revenue etc. What strategies do you think work best to convince A+ players – who might already well-settled somewhere to leave all of that and come work for your startup and take on uncertainty over stability?

  4. iMessage Apps and Native Apps vs Libraries

    Question: What do you make of Apples iOS 10 update permitting apps to be built for iMessage? Do you think this is too little too late for them to compete with WhatsApp and Telegram? Do you think any of the major messenger platforms can recreate what WeChat have in China?

    Question: Should entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap sometimes create mobile friendly sites/web apps in React.js instead of forking out for full mobile solutions?

  5. Sustainable App Distribution and Future of Mobile

    Question: As an app developer, what is the one thing you need to do right to distribute your app in a sustainable way?

    Question: Do you believe mobile growth core principles apply to improving education in the world? If so, which ones?

    Question: Where do you see the future of mobile going?

  6. Mobile – Future, Challenges & App categories

    Question: What are you most excited about regarding the future of mobile growth?

    Question: What are some challenges you face when working in the mobile space?

    Question: What are some categories of apps that you have seen that are most popular? What kinds of apps are your favorite to work with?

  7. Black Hat App Store Optimization techniques

    Question: A short while back I read this Medium post about Black Hat ASO. It spoke about the prevalence of Black Hat ASO and it being the primary route through which App store rankings etc were being achieved. What’s your take on all of this?

  8. Personalizing experience & engagement

    Question: Can you speak to personalization in apps. What type of personalization strategies do you recommend and what differences can they make in growing an app’s userbase?

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Article by Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh is the President and co-founder at Pyze and has over 15 years of experience in mobile, marketing and business development. He started Pyze to help all mobile and web businesses build successful brands by personalizing and automating relationship building with their users.

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