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Growth hackers need growth intelligence

Growth Hackers Need

Growth Hackers Need Growth Intelligence

Growth hackers have an Herculean task that when done right can make a product successful.

Growth hacking is part art and part science. Growth hacks are always masterminded and their success is heavily dependent on the growth hackers’s patience and creativity on one hand, and the relevancy and accuracy of the data intelligence on the other.

By Dickey Singh


Pyze Mobile Shopping at home experience

Mobile is eating the ^ commerce world.

Top ingredients of a Winning Mobile App

Mobile Commerce is quickly becoming the new norm to buy and sell products. As brands around the world integrate improved systems to allow the online sale and purchase of items, mobile eCommerce is emerging as a favorite for consumers around the world. With a wave of new mobile apps to securely process payments in a matter of seconds, at least one of three of all eCommerce transactions are now completed via a mobile app.

By Dickey Singh


App controlled drones

App-controlled drones

Creating a killer drone app

A drone controlling app must understand the drone technographics, optional radio transmitter that physically connects to the tablet or phone, and the app used to control the drone and attached radio transmitter. Additional data points that are immensely useful include - but are not limited to - are preflight and inflight health checks, flight paths and planning, aerial videos and pictures, time-lapse, flying modes, and safety management.

By Dickey Singh


Messaging and Bots

App messaging: Yesterday vs today and tomorrow

Messaging between people and with roBOTs

Messaging Apps are the most used and most engaging apps - even more widely used than games and social apps. Messaging is becoming an platform to interface with people and machines that are performing day to day tasks with ease and keeping users with the app to drive engagement.

By Dickey Singh


behavioral intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence

Utilizing user behavior to influence actions to achieve desired outcomes.

Behavioral Intelligence enables marketers and businesses to grow their userbase by using user behavior to influence actions to achieve desired outcomes.

Marketers create groups of users using various segmentation techniques including demographic, geographic, cohort groupings, technographic, psychographic, attitudinal, needs-based, outcome-based and behavioral segmentation.

Pyze supports all segmentation techniques automatically using the power of Intelligence Explorer, and enables mobile and web app businesses to explore the entire user base through automated segmentation and real-time explorations across key behavioral attributes provided out-of-the-box and defined by the app.

By Dickey Singh


behavioral intelligence

Putting your App's Growth on Autopilot

Growth Automation

Too often mobile app publishers build an app and it goes un-noticed on the app stores. The definitive guide has the following sections:

  • Challenges to App Growth

  • Understanding "Growth Automation"

  • On-boarding – First Impressions Count

  • Activating & Priming for Stickiness

  • Meaningful Engagement Yields Loyal Users

  • Retaining & Resurrecting

  • Take the First Step to Automate Growth

By Prabhjot Singh


behavioral intelligence

Pyze Ask Me Anything on Growth Hackers

  • What philosophies give apps a higher propensity for success?
  • Merchandizing apps and user acquisition
  • Scaling Pyze and Competition
  • iMessage Apps and Native Apps vs Libraries
  • Sustainable App Distribution and Future of Mobile
  • Mobile – Future, Challenges & App categories
  • Black Hat App Store Optimization techniques
  • Personalizing experience & engagement

By Prabhjot Singh


Growth Intelligence

Growth Intelligence® brings data-science to the fingertips of marketers. It is the ability to make the right choices faster than your competitors. Every time.

About Pyze

Pyze Growth Intelligence® is a transformative SaaS platform that enables mobile and web app businesses to automate engagement, retention and growth of their users.

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