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Events Overview

Pyze iOS and Android agents uses technology to adapt to an environment, intelligently minimize instrumentation and device resource consumption while eliminating the need for personal data collection. Pyze uses HTTPS connections over TLS 1.2 (previously SSL 3.0).

If you have not downloaded and installed the agent, see the iOS, Android and Unity Getting Started guides.

Pyze has a very extensive events implementation, with real-time and massively-parallel event sequence searches.

Extensive Event Sequence Implementation

Mobile and Web businesses can reach out to users that follow a specific event sequence, for example, send a push notification to users who entered the Apple store as detected by an iBeacon, then scanned a product using the bar code reader and purchased an Apple TV using Apple Pay. Developers can use curated event classes: PyzeCommerceBeacon, PyzeCommercePayment, or use custom events. Similary, an app that relies on ads for monetization can track ads using PyzeAd class.

Pyze offers the following Event Types:

Pyze Events

Pyze Events, numbering 24-30, are available right out of the box and can be used without any app-instrumentation in dynamic funnels, funnel analysis, intelligence and Growth Automation®. These events are either generated by the smart agent or server automatically. These include the Install event, OS change event, app version change and two dozen activation events. Pyze events are also automatically used in various intelligence features.

Explicit Activation Event is the only exception and requires instrumentation. For example, a social photography app could consider a user activated only if the user shared at least two pictures even though the user may have taken 1200 pictures in the app. Similarly, another app may consider a user activated after the user makes the first trade in the stock market.


Pyze Explicit Activation


Custom App-defined Events

Pyze supports events that are specific to your app.

Pyze supports custom events for dynamic funnels and funnel analysis. In addition custom events are also available for intelligence and Growth Automation®.

An app can send custom events by using (class api: iOS and Android). For example user clicked on a deep link embedded in an in-app notification.

[PyzeCustomEvent postWithEventName:@"deep-link-clicked"];

You can send any number of additional attributes using:

+ (void)postWithEventName:(nonnull NSString *)eventName
           withAttributes:(nullable NSDictionary *)attributes;

Timed Events

Time multiple overlapping events

Timed Events are used for timing events. Pyze implementation can support multiple overlapping events of same type.

Your UI may support downloading multiple songs at the same time or uploading multiple files at the same time. Using timed events with Pyze supports multiple instances of same event.

//started uploading video
double timerRefVideoUploadStart = [Pyze timerReference];


//started uploading photo
double timerRefPhotoUploadStart = [Pyze timerReference];


//second media (photo) finished before first
[PyzeCustomEvent postWithEventName:@"Media Uploaded" withTimerReference: timerRefPhotoUploadStart];


//first media (video) finished
[PyzeCustomEvent postWithEventName:@"Media Uploaded" withTimerReference: timerRefVideoUploadStart];

Curated Events

Pyze supports curated events by vertical for a variety of event categories so mobile and web businesses know what to instrument. If you are writing a mobile commerce or e-commerce app, you can get a head start with Pyze Mobile Commerce event classes. Similarly, if you are writing a Messaging App or an app-controlled Drone app, we have a long list of curated event classes for each vertical.

Below is a listing of the Curated classes included. Curated Events Class reference: iOS or Android

Pyze Explicit Activation


Pyze Account and Identity



Pyze In-App Advertisement Tracking


Pyze Advocacy and Feedback Class



Pyze Mobile Commerce













Pyze Mobile Gaming


Pyze Mobile Health and Fitness class


Pyze Content, Messaging, Tasks and Social





Pyze Media: Video, Audio, Pictures etc.


Pyze In-App Purchases and Bitcoin



Pyze Drone and Quadcopter Event tracking


Pyze Weather and Forecast tracking


Curated Events Class reference: iOS or Android

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