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More Power to Brands

Introducing Pyze Enterprise Edition

Growth hackers need growth intelligence
Pyze brings sophisticated capabilities to our omnichannel marketplaces and gives us real visibility across web, mobile and physical world kiosks.
Susan Akbarpour, CEO Mavatar
Growth hackers need growth intelligence
Pyze helped us identify and improve CoverPocket's on-boarding process, and the overall engagement and retention of the app.
Maxime Rieman, Director of Product, CoverPocket
Growth hackers need growth intelligence
Pyze lets me launch targeted mobile marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. I love how easy it is use and love the results even more.
Nav Sandhu, CEO Terafyle
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What is Pyze?

Pyze is a Growth Marketing Automation platform that helps brands succeed by engaging, influencing and growing users.

Pyze delivers Usage & Behavioral Analytics, Automated Segmentation, Contextual & Growth Marketing, and Personalization Intelligence.

Usage & Behavioral Analytics

Visual Intelligence. At a Glance.

Visualize usage anomalies, cohorts, retention, churn, trends and patterns. Instantly act on user behavior shifts.

Go beyond vanity metrics and learn more about activations, loyalty and attrition.

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Automated Segmentation

Never create segments again

Why limit your analysis to a 2, 3 or 4 dimension-space?

Explore thousands to tens of millions of users across multiple key behavioral attributes... in seconds

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Contextual & Mobile 

Develop Meaningful Relationships

Communicate with each user when she will be most receptive.

Personalize best-time-to-reach, channel and content. Automate In-app, SMS and Push notifications to develop loyal users.

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Growth Automation®

Grow users on autopilot

Automatically, onboard new users, activate & engage returning users, reengage attrition-risk users, and resurrect churned users.

Advanced automated intelligence- and workflow-driven campaigns personalize and automate every interaction with users.

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Personalization Intelligence™

Power to Personalize Everything

Use users' behaviors, preferences, social graph data, locations & environments for personalization.

Personalize content, experiences, user interfaces & every interaction.

Impact engagement, retention & satisfaction significantly.

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Enterprise Edition

More Power to Brands

Pyze Enterprise Edition offers state of the art aggregations, analysis, intelligence and campaign management purpose built for brands and businesses, that either manage a large number of users, or a large number of apps, websites and data sources.

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Growth Intelligence® for mobile & web apps

Available for top platforms including
iOS   Android   Web, SaaS & CMS   React Native   Xamarin   Unity   iMessage Apps   tvOS   watchOS