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Watch video: Introducing Pyze Growth Intelligence

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Watch video: Introducing Pyze Growth Intelligence

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Welcome to the first Growth Automation & Intelligence platform designed to make mobile app publishers successful. Pyze was built using decades of marketing, product, and app development experience to personalize and automate mobile app user engagement.

The Pyze platform combines and processes multiple data streams from analytics, app stores, customer systems and proprietary data sets to automate user engagement that is proven to increase retention, and usage. With marketing automation baked into the platform, you’re a click away from reaching the right user at the right time with the right message.

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Automated Growth & Engagement

Pyze Growth Intelligence minimizes user attrition and maximizes user lifetime value by automating user engagement. Pyze also enables effortless exploration of the entire user base by clustering users across key metrics like revenue, loyalty, and cohorts. Interactive charts help you explore users, understand each group's behavior and performance, and enable personalized interaction points with each user.

Mobile marketing tools don’t need to operate like they are from the 1990s. Get ready for effortless set-up and automated intelligence that’s easy to consume and act on. With Pyze, you can focus on growing your business, not on writing queries or formatting spreadsheets. Goodbye ugly charts and manual data analysis!

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